Ahmed Badry
Drawing #18, 2021
Acrylic ink on colored paper
29 x 21 cm
950 USD

The series presents new drawings of architectures in which construction appears to be illogic or unsafe. With reference to the politics of illegal housing and the social relations implied within the real estate, these spaces describe the ability to adjust when living in informal areas. At large, they are a metaphor for approaching everyday life and its farcicalities.  Badry combines the idea of inanimate objects and constructed buildings with the concept of organisms and hybrids, considering these unusual inventions as entities able to sustain themselves against all the odds.


AHMED BADRY’s body of sculptures and drawings act as a proposition for objects that strive to recover usefulness. The objects, in their current state, only function as tokens for speculation on alternative narratives of production, parallel to and immersed in a neoliberal global economy. Badry examines the effects of the non-codified objects on language, collapsing the two poles of metaphor and metonymy. Through a process of re-presentation using projection, writing, drawing and 3D printing, the objects lose their ability to be named. The tangled object invokes a disruption in communication or possibly access to new neologisms.


Ahmed Badry (b. Egypt, 1979) works across sculpture, installation, moving image and drawing. In his practice, he proposes objects without utility attempting to manifest usefulness. He homes in on people’s microeconomics, tracing and investigating their structures. Badry’s practice stands at the crossroads of sociology, economy, and language. The works are not documentary but offer robust portraits of people and places that are often invisible or hidden from the mainstream. Badry holds an MFA from the Oslo National Academy of the Art 2020). In 2017, he completed the Home Workspace Program at Ashkal Alwan, Lebanon, and a BA in Art Education at Helwan University, Cairo, in 2003. Badry has also participated in residencies at Delfina Foundation, London, and Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. Solo exhibitions include Portmanteau at Letitia Gallery Beirut, Lebanon (2018) and The Provisionary That Lasts at Medrar, Cairo, Egypt (2014) .