Ali Beheshti
Untitled, 2021
Black Pigment, Paint Car and Charcoal on Paper
100 x 70 cm
1500 EUR


My recent works are studies in form with in an architectural framework, although I believe they don't fully lend themselves to any classification. I look for forms in square shapes, in edges, and in architectural aspects or in structures. I avoid, as much as possible, any appeal to formalistic expression peculiar to the early twentieth century. It is possible, however, that these works hint at a formalist approach, but I want to stress that they emerge from an inner, existential necessity. I try to add substantiality, weight, and dimension to my forms. I look for a point where I can show a ghost of these forms. I want them to vibrate, in possession of an inner intelligence. They have no names; I have tried to do away with external physical characteristics that lead to representation. I diminish the attributes of the subject to such an extent as to change its essence completely. The material and the process automatically drive the creation of images. This process subconsciously places my work in the domain of drawing, and helps me keep my mind open to change. The meaning of my work in different collections, however, remain constant.


Ali Beheshti (b. 1988, Qom, Iran) has focused deeply on new experiments in drawing using a wide variety of materials. By mixing familiar techniques, including multiple thin layers of graphite powder, ink and pencil, with more unconventional approaches, such as print transfers, the artist has created drawings that have the appearance of three-dimensional works.