Eimei Kaneyama
END, 2020
Oil-based marker on paper
13.5x10.45cm (each)

The END series demonstrates the open nature of Eimei Kaneyama’s work and provides an exploration as to how impression is affected by perception. In his practice of drawing and painting, the building layers of shape and color hide or erase specific form or meaning, and extract the piece from the confines of planar direction. The subjects in these drawings seem to be caught in a state of suspended animation, snapped mid-drop; with each passing moment their shapes change as if in ecstasy, writhing in the throes of a beginning or an end. Light and pigment bleed through the surface of the paper, obfuscating meaning, calling into question the initial perception of an image and drawing the viewer into cyclical, constant change, such as that of the world around us. A sense of unease pervades through the neon palette of these notes, reflective of the troubling flow of news that envelops modern society, stories of death and dissolution holding us in constant flux.


Eimei Kaneyama (b. 1981) studied Fine Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and currently lives and works in Seoul. He has held solo exhibitions Water Sea Road, Whistle, Seoul (2020); BLACK, RED, WHITE, Art Major, Seoul (2019); OTTO, Whistle, Seoul (2017), and DIDITAGAIN, alter.ego, Seoul (2017); and has participated in group exhibitions at Atelier Aki, ONE AND J. Gallery, Common Center, Salon de H, among others. Recently, Kaneyama collaborated with photographer Suguru RYUZAKI in publishing HAND / TINTED POST X.