Eimei Kaneyama
N\S, 2019-2021
Oil pastel on paper
19.5x14cm / 20.3x14cm / 20.5x14cm / 20.5x14cm / 20.5x14cm
USD 1,000 (each)

Borders are arbitrary divisions of land and life, and the cultures and traditions held within them differ greatly. One’s identity may stretch and change between countries, but at the crux of it, they remain the same single being. The N\S series evokes this exploration of boundaries. No matter convergence or unity, a lens is limited by the individual’s perception or observations, and no time exemplifies this more than today. Media filters information, dripping it down level by level, going back and forth from left to right, north and south, and back again. Kaneyama’s process in creating these works in oil pastel reflects this—attached at the center, he crosses back and forth over the page’s seam, drawing the divisions together with vibrant colors and transient shapes. However, the artist’s point of departure remains a constant question of his identity. Works in the N\S series stand at the border of drawing and painting, acting as a foundation for Kaneyama to interact freely with his inquiries and answers. Their variations of color reflect the impressions left on him by scenes or news, imagery he encounters day by day and records and revisits upon their surface.


Eimei Kaneyama (b. 1981) studied Fine Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and currently lives and works in Seoul. He has held solo exhibitions Water Sea Road, Whistle, Seoul (2020); BLACK, RED, WHITE, Art Major, Seoul (2019); OTTO, Whistle, Seoul (2017), and DIDITAGAIN, alter.ego, Seoul (2017); and has participated in group exhibitions at Atelier Aki, ONE AND J. Gallery, Common Center, Salon de H, among others. Recently, Kaneyama collaborated with photographer Suguru RYUZAKI in publishing HAND / TINTED POST X.