Eimei Kaneyama
N\S, 2019-2020
Oil pastel on paper
14x19.2 / 14x19cm / 14x18.9cm
USD 1,000 (each)

Perception is contingent on the individual and their conditions, affected by the flow of information and language that pours in through the constant sea of information surrounding modern society. Glimpses of scenes, articles, news, their fleeting impressions—Eimei Kaneyama draws out these shapes and forms in intense colors, visiting and revisiting them from one side of the page to the other. A seam between the two pages reflects the lines of demarcation separating countries and lives, dividing direction and space, a sensitivity heightened by living and working in a country split in two. Often, the entanglement of color and shape in his work dissolves particular directionality; according to the artist, this N\S series allows him a more liberal exploration, a foundation for expansion and development in his practice of drawing and painting. Now, more than ever, the world is both fragmented and overconnected, held in a state of flux.


Eimei Kaneyama (b. 1981) studied Fine Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and currently lives and works in Seoul. He has held solo exhibitions Water Sea Road, Whistle, Seoul (2020); BLACK, RED, WHITE, Art Major, Seoul (2019); OTTO, Whistle, Seoul (2017), and DIDITAGAIN, alter.ego, Seoul (2017); and has participated in group exhibitions at Atelier Aki, ONE AND J. Gallery, Common Center, Salon de H, among others. Recently, Kaneyama collaborated with photographer Suguru RYUZAKI in publishing HAND / TINTED POST X.