Florencia Rodriguez Giles
Pencil on paper
32 x 23 cm

As we live through the terrifying consequences of an extractivist economy, Rodríguez Giles’s drawings of mutants, filled with wild eroticism, propose a radically different imaginary in which aspects of the human are restored into the chaotic and seductive cruelty of nature. Her penciled fantasies recall the orgiastic scenes with nature that populate the work of Uruguyan poet Marosa di Giorgio, expanding the frontiers of queer pleasure from a feminist perspective.


In my works and projects, I explore the relation between contemporary art practices and therapeutic procedures using drawing, video, installations, a thorough investigation in the performance medium and research on experimental pedagogical practices. My works and projects, which people attend as directs participants or spectators, recurrently propose dreamworlds, new communities of coexistence and alternative bonding modalities that re-sensitize our experience as subjects. The experiences take place both in spaces dedicated to art and in other unconventional ones, thus include social groups far from the contemporary art circuit.