Jiieh G Hur
Book #5, 2021
Paper, masking tape, watercolor, graphite, acrylic paint, glitter, ink print on paper, laser print on paper, newspaper, metal spray, clear sealer, foam board, hot melt glue, acrylic marker
USD 1,200

Book #5 exemplifies both the documentary aspect of the series and the instinctual drive that powers Hur’s work. Among its collages it counts texts, article clippings, photographs taken by the artist, and notes from her field recordings—sound pieces demonstrating the specificity of time and location to one’s understanding of sound-scenery—and allows a glimpse into Hur’s more spontaneous nature. Some text is left visible as she collages, and some is covered; as we do when we read, scanning the page. What is left legible is a clear archive of the current age: one may find mentions of the COVID-19 pandemic or the changing environments, both political and natural. As time passes, returning to this book will doubtlessly incite memories of this moment in both the artist and her audience. Physical recollection remains a strong conductor of experience and sensation, feelings that are simultaneously universal yet known only to the individual.


Jiieh G Hur (b. 1982) graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sculpture/New Genres, and received her MFA in Ceramics from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2019, she held Electric Smash, a solo exhibition at Whistle. Her work has been shown at Art Basel Miami and in group exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Galerie ERD, Opsis Art, Salon de H, ONE AND J. Gallery, and more.