Jiieh G Hur
Book #2, 2021
Paper, masking tape, watercolor, graphite, acrylic paint, glitter, ink, newspaper, metal spray, clear sealer, foam board, hot melt glue, acrylic marker
USD 1,200

Book #2 is part of an ongoing artist’s book series by Jiieh G Hur that acts as a cohesive, guiding medium through creation and cognition. To diminish or circumvent the constriction of formulaic and calculating processes of large- or small-scale installations, Hur’s books retain an organic flow. Each handmade box is numbered and contains twelve individual collages within it, some of which are numbered, others not. When unnumbered, the mutable order allows for freedom, just as the process of the collage-making for these books is, to the artist, a freeing experience. Repeating motifs and colors, flowing shapes, pastel and neon—they resemble a free-form composition, interspersed with pasted clippings of readings, texts, their meaning rendered uncertain yet remaining as an anchor to the world at large. Their variegated sizes, materials and expressions reflect Hur’s close consideration of materiality, and of reaction, the subtle gradations of change over time taking place between their pages. Each page tells its own story, just as the book as a whole conveys another, one left up to the viewer. The Book series evokes the experience of seeing and handling; the turning of pages, the act bridging the individual and the communal, one by one.


Jiieh G Hur (b. 1982) graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sculpture/New Genres, and received her MFA in Ceramics from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2019, she held Electric Smash, a solo exhibition at Whistle. Her work has been shown at Art Basel Miami and in group exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Galerie ERD, Opsis Art, Salon de H, ONE AND J. Gallery, and more.