A Gentil Carioca: Art Basel 2022 | Booth R9

Rio de Janeiro - São Paulo

Maxwell Alexandre
sem titulo [untitled], 2022
polidor de sapatos, betume, carv o, grafite, l tex, acr lica e bast o oleoso sobre papel pardo [shoe polish, bitumen, charcoal, graphite, latex, acrylic and oil stick on brown paper]
320 x 480 cm [126 x 189 in]

 “New Power” is an offshoot of “Pardo é Papel”, made to explore the idea of the black community within the established temples for art contemplation: galleries and museums. Understanding contemporary art as an elite field that concentrates great financial and intellectual capital, the series seeks to draw attention of the black community to these spaces that legitimize narratives in the history. The series works with only three basic signs, the black (characters), the white (“white cube” or exhibition space) and the brown (art).