Mischa Sanders & Philipp Putzer
Dessins d'observations #1, #2 , 2021
Drawing on paper
39 x 54 cm
600 € each

The drawings are the result of our seven weeks residency at OH Gallery in Dakar, Senegal. The works will be presented together with the photographies of Ibrahima Thiam beginning of September 2021.

Travelling and wandering have a great importance in our work. It is often the very origin of ideas, the start of discovery through intense observation. All three of us tend to walk around a lot, in the places where we found ourselves attracted to a theme, in a special context.
The sketches, drawings that are presented here are coming from our research and thinking process regarding our upcoming exhibition. For the preparation of this particular show we visited a great number of Lébou’s fishers villages, beaches, and rural areas all around Senegal. Each one of these places had its special unique atmosphere. Drawings became a very important medium in this case, permitting us to put on papers our feelings, ideas and questionings.
We were very much intrigued by the forms of the senegalese pirogues, entirely handcrafted, and the images that are associated to them. The human exode as well. The beauty but also the danger they represent. Men are armed with courage when they leave to spend months on board of the wooden boats. Navigation is a special journey, they follow natural elements, and events, are depending on the universe entirely, to navigate following the stars and the moon, which influences the waves.


It is first of all the noises, inscribed in the material, that call out to us. Hammered, filed, sawn the works of the artist duo vibrate under the weight of the transformations. The works of Misha Sanders and Philippe Putzer take on a sonic allure, giving off a certain roughness. There is no question of stopping at the mastery of a technique, of a material: whether it is pouring concrete, plaster, giving shape to wood or even earth, it is a real dialogue that takes place between palpable realities and ideas. Something raw emerges, like the salutary taming of a wild stallion. To return to the origins, to the constructions known as primitive represent for the artists a continuity between the times. Does the 21st century, with its monsters of glass and steel, really represent a clear break between past and present constructions? Paradoxically, with their apparent calm, Misha Sanders and Philipp Putzer have chosen to inscribe their artistic practice in the pulse of modernity, following the movement of West African megacities. To give form, the hands express themselves, strong and soft at the same time. A concrete and direct work. The collaboration between ground and heights results from a process of agreement and balance led by the plastic artists. Like the beginnings of a love game, some pieces are naturally in tune and found, others, from their birth, are made to form a harmonious whole. Engaged in a path that leads them to draw from the roots of humanity, the artists transcribe a precise vision of current issues. Whether they are urban or ecological, it is in a whisper that the alchemists of the matter make of the brutality a suspended sweetness.


Born in 1994 in the Netherlands, Mischa Sanders lives and works between Germany and France. She is a visual artist who studied at the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts in Besançon, France, and at the Hochschule für Bildende Küste in Dresden, Germany. In 2018 she completed an exchange at INSAAC, Abidjan, and spent six months in Côte-d’Ivoire. Philipp Putzer, born in 1994, grew up in Italy and studied sculpture at the Kunsthochschule in Dresden, Germany. In 2018 he completed an exchange at INSAAC in Abidjan, Côte-d'Ivoire. He lives and works in Germany and Italy.