Talar Aghbashian
Book 13- Untitled- Hanging to Dry, 2020
Watercolour on paper
25.5 x 17.5cm


At once familiar and alien, landscapes are at the core of Aghbashian’s work. They seem to have been the theater of chaotic events left in a state of distur- bing yet peaceful silence. An uncanny feeling is felt as one identifies with these anthropomorphic landscapes that speak of a fantasy place. These images seem suspended in an in-between state, frozen after the occurrence of otherworldly phenomena, all the while propelling the viewer in a surrea- list, sometimes futuristic dimension devoid of human life, as life itself has come to inhabit and animate the eerie landscapes. Time is not represented, it is perceived, as Aghbashian blurs all boundaries. She delves to understand the overlap and intersection of different narratives and explores the ambi- guities of our times.