Yukihiro TAGUCHI
Particles' moment, 2018
stop motion video
5min. 5sec.
7,000 USD

A stop-motion video filmed in Tottori, Japan. Taguchi employed sand, referring to the best-known feature of the city, the Tottori Sand Dunes.

set of two videos:
particles’ moment, 2018, stop-motion video, 5’ 05”
Time of Palm, 2018, video, 4’26”


I have been producing and presenting the works in various forms, such as installations, videos, performances, workshops, events, etc. The first thing I consistently do in those production processes is drawing sketches. It is also the first step to embody "something" in a state where ideas are still only in my head and I cannot even verbalize or visualize them. By drawing and leaving a trace on the paper, I can clarify my thoughts from an objective point of view, and at the same time, I can get a feeling that "something" is born. That leads to the production of the aimed form of each project. "Über II", which I started as my life work around 2013, is a general term for a group of square drawings with a minimum size of 15 cm x 15 cm. Inspired by the tiles found in the exterior and interior of the buildings, the drawings are displayed as to cover the wall. The themes, contents, materials, and techniques drawn on the paper show differences in relevance and style depending on the ideas and project plans that come to my mind on a daily basis, the environment in which I am, and my feelings at that time. However, I think that the drawings left behind over the long period of my lifetime are not irrelevant. Likening a piece of drawing to a drop of water, the whole body of drawings that covers the wall or the entire space like tiles is similar to the river, the sea, or its landscape. And I feel that I am aware of my existence, whereabouts, and my current location in a fluid landscape that never stands still in the river or the sea.


Yukihiro Taguchi born in 1980, Osaka and currently lives in Berlin, Germany. He travels to the land where he creates and finds materials and wastes that are unique to the place, and uses them to create an installation that suits the situation in the city or in the exhibition space. The process of production, events, performances, etc. are incorporated into stop-motion videos and short films to create works.