Art Basel Miami Beach

For Art Basel Miami Beach 2021, kurimanzutto’s booth will focus on significant pieces by our gallery artists who often work with political, social and poetic concerns. Basing their practice within a strongly conceptual rubric, what will be revealed is how form follows concept as the works on show employ media ranging from combinations of ready-made materials, found objects and images. Our presentation will fuse the artistic practices of Latin American artists such as Abraham Cruzvillegas, Carlos Amorales, Damian Ortega, Gabriel Orozco and Roberto Gil de Montes, with European artists such as Leonor Antunes and Nairy Baghramian. In doing so, our booth will speak to the recurring concerns and aesthetics, enabling conversations between the local and the international and across varied layers of meaning.


kurimanzutto was first conceived in the late 1990s in New York by Mónica Manzutto, José Kuri and Gabriel Orozco. They imagined a gallery that could exist nomadically, adapting its form to the spaces needed by specific projects. It was Orozco who first proposed the idea to Mónica and José, pointing out the lack of galleries dedicated to contemporary art in Mexico as well as the lack of institutional support for the up-and-coming generation of young Mexican artists. It was evident that a support structure was needed that would allow these emerging artists to establish their careers within Mexico as well as abroad.

The gallery’s itinerant condition allowed them to organize shows in unconventional places, which in turn freed the artists up to experiment with different kinds of projects. kurimanzutto’s first exhibition, “Market Economy,” opened on August 21st, 1999, and remained open to the public for less than 24 hours. In a rented market booth, 13 of the gallery’s artists displayed pieces they created using materials on sale in the market itself. They sold the pieces at prices comparable to the other goods for sale such as kitchen utensils, food, and cleaning supplies.