HUMAN TIDES | Online + at FNB Art Joburg

1-4 SEPTEMBER 2022

SOUTH SOUTH presented its second collaboration with an art fair in the Global South, with the video programme titled Human Tides, taking place both online and at FNB Art Joburg in Johannesburg. The programme featured the work of 17 artists primarily from Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and the Diaspora, and explores the scope of human and cultural influence over the course of various ecosystems, considering absence and amassing, myth-making and mythology. It formed part of FNB Art Joburg’s ORG section, which looks to redefine how people engage with organisations that were established for the good of the public.

VEZA 02 NEW MEDIA FOCUS | Online + at SP-Arte

31 MARCH – 10 APRIL 2022

SOUTH SOUTH’s second edition of VEZA focussed on digital art and the remarkable possibilities of new media. Galleries from 25 cities spread across five continents came together to present a selling exhibition of important video artworks at SP–ARTE (Sāo Paulo) and simultaneously online. This marked the initiation of the VEZA New Media Fund, which enables a museum with a Global South focus to acquire media works with a budget for their collections. The Fund was supported by Niio and SOUTH SOUTH and the first beneficiary was El Museo del Barrio, New York’s leading Latino cultural institution. Through the fund, the museum acquired two new works, by Cuban-American artist Coco Fusco (Alexander Gray Associates) and Dominican-American artist Joiri Minaya (Embajada).


31 MARCH – 10 APRIL 2022

Bending the Axis was the resulting digital programme of the SOUTH SOUTH x El Espacio 23 curatorial residency. Curated by Meyken Barreto (Cuba/US-based); Uche James Iroha (Nigeria/US-based); Carlos Quijon, Jr. (Philippines) & Kathleen Ditzig (Singapore), it was inspired by the concept of ‘Axis Mundi’, which is a cosmological line that runs through the center of the earth connecting the underworld and heavens and thus constituting a vision of the universe. Common to many different indigenous belief systems around the world, the Axis Mundi can also be understood as a mediation between the north and the south.


14 – 28 OCTOBER 2021

SOUTH SOUTH, through the generosity of Jorge M. Pérez, teamed up with El Espacio 23 in Miami to host its inaugural curatorial residency. This innovative new partnership brought together curators connected to three broad regions – Latin America, Africa & Middle East and Asia – to further research and highlight arts practices from the Global South in a curatorial exchange that took place in Miami. The selected curators for this edition were Meyken Barreto (Cuba/US-based); Uche James Iroha (Nigeria/US-based); Carlos Quijon, Jr. (Philippines) & Kathleen Ditzig (Singapore). The resulting digital programme, titled Bending the Axis, formed part of VEZA 02 and was presented online in April 2022.



SOUTH SOUTH’s curatorial Project titled I draw, therefore I think was curated by artist and curator Jitish Kallat. This drawing project was prompted by Charles Darwin’s 1837 sketch ‘Tree of Life’ in which he scribbled down a framework for his speculations in his first “transmutation notebook”. I draw, therefore I think was viewable as an artwork-led viewing room and an interactive Miro board produced in collaboration with the Open Window Institute, allowing for multiple forms of engagement throughout the project’s duration.

VEZA 01 | Online

23 FEBRUARY – 7 MARCH 2021

Meaning “to show, produce or reveal” in isiZulu — one of South Africa’s 11 national languages — the first edition of VEZA was a hybrid of a live selling event powered by auction technology and a peer-led Online Viewing Room (OVR). VEZA featured 50+ galleries from more than 40 cities spread across 30 countries and 5 continents, coming together in their dedication to art of the Global South. SOUTH SOUTH recognises the crucial role played by independent and nonprofit spaces and proceeds from the auction were donated to three charity partners — RAW Material Company (Dakar), Green Papaya Art Projects (Manila) and Casa do Povo (São Paulo), selected for their operations supporting artistic production in the Global South. The gallery presentations were accompanied by dedicated curated programmes by esteemed curators Elvira Dyangani Ose, Rodrigo Moura, Paula Nascimento and Suzana Sousa.