Florencia Rodriguez Giles

Florencia Rodriguez Giles (Buenos Aires, 1978) is a graduate of the Prilidiano Pueyrredon National School of Fine Arts. In 2006 she studied with Nicola Costantino. The following year she attended the Diana Aisenberg art seminars, between 2010 and 2011 she participated in the Beca Kuitca art program at Torcuato Di Tella University.
Her work received the support of numerous scholarships given by the following institutions: the National Fund for the Arts/Argentina, the Antorchas Foundation/Argentina, the Ministry of Culture of the Argentine Nation and the National Center for Plastic Arts of France (CNAP). In 2016 she won first prize of the Braque Muntref art award and in 2019 first prize of the Federico Klemm award. She took part in several artist-in-residence programs: Le Magasin- Centre National d’Art Contemporain, (Grenoble, France. 2017); Frac Loraine (Metz, France. 2016); Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris, France. 2016-2017); Paradise Air (Japan. 2015); Arcus Studio Residency for Artists, (Japan. 2014); and AIT- Arts Initiative Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan. 2009).
Among her most outstanding performances and solo exhibitions are: Ronquidos Oceánicos (Performance Biennial, Argentina. 2019), Biodelica (Ruth Benzacar Art Gallery, 2018); EsquizoPicnic (Museo Reina Sofía, Spain. 2018); Séance Liminoide (Palais de Tokyo, France. 2016); Strabisme Interne (Galerie Bendana-Pinel, Paris. 2016); Hiperestesia (Muntref, Argentina. 2016).
Therapeutic possibilities of artistic practice is another of her research fields. In this area, it is worth mentioning her experience at GAYA (La Plata, 2019- ); INHA (Paris, 2019); EHPAD, Solexine, (G.E.M.) (Grenoble, 2017-18); Adult Palliative Care Service at Legouest Hospital (Metz, 2016); Luis Agote Children’s Institute (Buenos Aires, 2014); Ricardo Gutierrez Children’s Hospital, Palliative Care area (2010-2016).

Ruth Benzacar Galería de Arte

Proud of plurality and aware of the impossibility of a panorama, this selection made specially for SOUTH/SOUTH intends to act as an introductory presentation both of some of our gallery artists and of the Argentine contemporary art scene. A wide range of media, materials and conceptual research is unavoidable when trying to stage a comprehensive overview of our contemporary production but at the same time it describes perfectly the vast amount of visual languages that make up our programme. Here, nostalgia is what brings these works together. Whether nostalgia for the future in the case of Villar Rojas and his thoughts on our remains to come, for the impossible as in the ficticious animals that Telleria gives birth to, for becoming another by leaving behing what we where, like it happens in the works of Da Rin. Nostalgia present in the tribal nature of Catalina León´s painted offerings and in Saraceno´s yearning to bring toghether ourselves with the cosmos.