Yukihiro TAGUCHI

Yukihiro Taguchi born in 1980, Osaka and currently lives in Berlin, Germany.
He travels to the land where he creates and finds materials and wastes that are unique to the place, and uses them to create an installation that suits the situation in the city or in the exhibition space. The process of production, events, performances, etc. are incorporated into stop-motion videos and short films to create works.

MUJIN-TO Production

MUJIN-TO Production is presenting works by Tsubasa Kato. Kato's works could be described socially engaged and community art, dealing with social, cultural and ethnic identity and put into various forms. Most known in his artistic activity is "Pull and Raise" project, the performance based action with people he meets on sites, moving symbolic structure he built together. This time we're showing video works, photographs, and models.