The 24th São Paulo Biennial

Artistic Director: Paulo Herkenhoff


Dates: 2 October – 3 December 1998
Venues: Parque Ibirapuera & Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion, São Paulo, Brazil

Known as one of the best Biennials ever made, the “Biennial of Anthropophagy” had as general curator Paulo Herkenhoff and as assistant curator Adriano Pedrosa. The concept, extracted from the roots of Brazilian culture, permeated the work of all 76 curators involved with the exhibition, as well as resulting in powerful individual exhibitions dedicated to each of the 53 National Representations. The curatorship worked with the idea of contamination and put in dialogue works of contemporary Brazilians with works of the Historical Center.

National Representation:
Gustavo Buntinx: Curator (Peru)
Hervé Chandés: Curator (France)
Jack Persekian: Curator (Palestine)
João Fernandes: Curator (Portugal)
Jon Tupper: Curator (Canada)
Justo Pastor Mellado: Curator (Chile)
Karin Stempel: Curator (Germany)
Kazuo Yamawaki: Curator (Japan)
Kuutti Lavonen: Curator (Finland)
Anda Rottenberg: Curator (Poland)
Andrea Rose: Curator (UK)
Lilijana Stepancic: Curator (Slovenia)
Lorna Ferguson: Curator (South Africa)
Louise Neri: Curator (Australia)
Marianne Krogh Jensen: Curator (Denmark)
Anita Tapias: Curator (Venezuela)
Miguel L. Rojas Soleto: Curator (Colombia)
Mikael Adsenius: Curator (Sweden)
Miranda McClintic: Curator (United States)
Anna Mattirolo: Curator (Italy)
Osvaldo González Real: Curator (Paraguay)
Pedro Querejazu: Curator (Bolivia)
Pierre-André Lienhard: Curator (Switzerland)
Rita Eder: Curator (Mexico)
Apinan Poshyananda: Curator (Thailand)
Sania Papa: Curator (Greece)
Santiago B. Olmo : Curator (Spain)
Saskia Bos: Curator (Netherlands)
Sergio Edelsztein: Curator (Israel)
Silvia Pandolfi Elliman: Curator (Mexico)
Vasif Kortun: Curator (Turkey)
Velaug Bollingmo: Curator (Norway)
Virginia Pérez-Ratton: Curator (Costa Rica)
Xu Jiang: Curator (China)
Young-Ho Kim: Curator (South Korea)
Awa Meite: Curator (Mali)
Brigitte Huck: Curator (Austria)
Carlos Aranda: Curator (Mexico)
Catherine David: Curator (France)
Catherine de Croës: Curator (Belgium)
Clairrie Rudrum: Curator (United Kingdom)
Constantin Bokhorov: Curator (Russia)
Edward Shaw: Curator (Argentina)
Fiach Mac Conghail: Curator (Ireland)
Gaspar Galaz: Curator (Chile)