A Gathering | HOUSING

HOUSING is pleased to present A Gathering, a group exhibition featuring works by Gerald Cannon, Anima Correa, Taína Cruz, Steffani Jemison, Charles Mason III, Emmanuel Massillon, Glendalys Medina, Nathaniel Oliver, Mitchell Reece, Elliot Jamal Robbins, Rafael Sanchez, Shani Strand

With writing from Shireen Ahmed, Sasha Bonét, Laura Brown, Octavia Bürgel, Gaby Cepeda, Sunday Fall, KJ Freeman, Quincy Flowers, Josie Roland Hodson, Brandon Drew Holmes, Bianca Rae Messinger, marcus scott williams

A Gathering is a tribute to and inspired by the work of Steve Canon, a Lower East Side icon, a Black art icon(ocloast), and founder of A Gathering of the Tribes.
Inspired by Exquisite Poop, an exhibition at A Gathering of the Tribes in 2012, each artist is paired with a writer who has been asked to create a written representation of an artwork for a zine that will be produced in tandem with the exhibition.

“His sonic-visual radar showed a visionary blip about the size of Africa rising with the speed of light somewhere on the left of the screen. He locked his sights. The image danced, sang, rocked back and forth, then became a huge drum. It vibrated like the Earth around the Sun, the Sun around the Galaxy, the whole Universe one pulsating rhythm inside Space. He flashed a message: EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING.” – Steve Canon, Grove, Bang, and Jive Around

Curated by KJ Freeman
Organized by Shani Strand


Apr 15 2021 - May 27 2021


191 Henry St, New York, NY 10002, United States