I draw, therefore I think | Opening Event

10H00 EST | 14H00 GMT | 15H00 BST | 19H30 IST

The opening of the exhibition will include the launch conversation where Jitish Kallat will engage in dialogue with two outstanding luminaries of our time, Siddhartha Mukherjee (physician, biologist and author) and William Kentridge (artist and filmmaker). The conversation will navigate some of the idiosyncratic inquiries that make up the ‘I draw, therefore I think’ project, exploring the idea of drawing as a primary unit of creativity and the gene as a fundamental unit of heredity. The discussion could range from understanding their diverse and complex individual practices, to thinking about evolution and art.

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The project will branch out into the other aspects, including a series of conversations with artists and curators and interactive events on the Miro board.

SOUTH SOUTH is delighted to announce the first of its Curatorial Projects titled I draw, therefore I think curated by artist and curator Jitish Kallat.

This drawing project is prompted by Charles Darwin’s 1837 sketch ‘Tree of Life’ in which he scribbled down a framework for his speculations in his first “transmutation notebook”. This intuitive drawing of an evolutionary tree is headlined by the words ‘I think’ and is a precursor to Darwin’s radical theory of evolution, common descent, differential survival and natural selection.

Kallat invites artists and audiences to consider if Darwin first wrote the words ‘I think’ and then
proceeded to draw when words could not capture his emergent thoughts or if the drawing
preceded the words.


Sep 11 2021


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm