Nada Baraka | Land of Sequels | Gypsum

Gypsum is pleased to present Land of Sequels, Nada Baraka’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. Building on her first show at Gypsum, Cosmic Truths and Tales to be Told, Baraka expands on a body of work of abstract expressionist paintings that depict her experience of space, imagination and memory. The show features work comprised of oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and paper.

In this series, Baraka is more confrontational with her inspirations and source material. Architectural elements lure one into a seemingly identifiable space when Baraka fills them with ghosts of animation characters, fantastical bodies and sound bubbles. The result is a cacophony of memories and flashing images that are all too familiar. In this second edition, Baraka digs deeper to unpack a darkness and an assertion of the images an artist emotionally registers along the years. And in a trance of rich colors and more pronounced figures, she manages to create even more abstract spaces for her memories to exist.

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Jun 02 2021 - Jul 07 2021


Online Viewing Room