Travesía Cuatro: Art Basel 2022 | Booth R9

Mexico City - Guadalajara - Madrid

Gonzalo Lebrija
Veladura (Mock Mirage), 2022
Oil on linen
45 x 35 cm

Gonzalo Lebrija’s work is mainly focused on the study of time and the subjective experience that we have of it. Using video and photography as recording systems, the artist uses time as raw material to capture ephemeral moments, while trying to stretch the distance between the past and the future in order to investigate the concept of destiny and chaos in a succession of events. During an important part of his career, he has worked on events and traditions inside his geographical context, on a par with the social structures that these imply.



Recent solo exhibitions and projects include: History of Suspended Time (A monument for the impossible), Palm Springs Art Museum (California, US, 2022); Breve historia del tiempo, Museo Jumex (Mexico City, 2021); Piales (la suerte de detener el tiempo), Travesía Cuatro (Madrid, Spain, 2019); Cathedral, curated by Humberto Moro, SCAD Museum in Savannah (Georgia, US, 2019); Vía Láctea, Museo Tamayo (Mexico City, 2018) and Palacio de Bellas Artes (La Habana, Cuba, 2016); Mariachi Wagner, Moody Performance Hall (Dallas, US, 2018); Caída Libre, Galerie Laurent Godin (Paris, France, 2017); Unfolded Paintings, Travesía Cuatro (Guadalajara, Mexico, 2017); Unfolded, Museo de Arte de Zapopan (Guadalajara, Mexico, 2015); Who knows where the time goes, Faggionato (London, UK, 2014); Possibility of Disaster, Centro de las Artes de Monterrey (Monterrey, Mexico, 2014); R75/ Toaster, Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow, Russia, 2013); Deriva Especular, Museo de Arte Moderno (Mexico City, 2011). He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, highlights include: Al filo de la navaja, Museo Jumex (Mexico City, 2020); Instantánea, Antigua Fábrica Kodak (Guadalajara, Mexico, 2020); Saber Acomodar, curated by Patrick Charpenel, MCA (Denver, US, 2017) & ASU (Phoenix, US, 2018); El día es azul, el silencio es verde, la vida es amarilla..., Museo Experimental El Eco (Mexico City, 2017); Cómo te voy a olvidar, Galerie Perrotin (Paris, France, 2016); Motopoétique, curated by Paul Ardenne, Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon (France, 2014); Habitar el tiempo, curated by Michel Blancsubé, Museo Jumex (Mexico City, 2014); The House, Faggionato (London, United Kingdom, 2014); GRIT: Contemporary Mexican Video Art – An arbitrary selection 1996 – 2012, Goleb (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2013); Under the Mexican Sky: Gabriel Figueroa – Art and Film, LACMA (Los Angeles, US, 2013); Resisting the Present, Mexico 2000- 2012, ARC – Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (Paris, France, 2012); Les enfants terribles, Colección Jumex (Mexico City, 2009); Eco: arte contemporáneo mexicano, Museo de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid, Spain, 2005). He has been commissioned to create several public art projects in Mexico, including Condición Suspendida, Estación Tren Ligero, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico and he was the founder of OPA Oficina para Proyectos de Arte in Guadalajara, where he lives and works.