OH Gallery: Art Basel 2022 | Booth M7


Aliou Diack +
Earth memory, 2022

At Art Basel 2022, Aliou Diack takes over the space with a monumental three-dimensional installation. The natural elements take possession of the space, placing the spectator in a process of discovery, in full immersion. The installation is both aerial and anchored in the ground: it has large roots that surround the world. The harmony between the shades, from brown to ochre, seems to move freely, associating through polymorphic forms like thousands of atoms that would constitute a new and meaningful matter. The format includes the public within it, our place is drawn in the centre of the colours like an obviousness. The effervescence of the Senegalese bush traces a path in the heights, it spreads and propagates, creating behind it an almost sonorous and perfumed signature. The artist lingers above all on the textures, the details which give a soul to the whole of the realization: that of a living environment which seems to breathe, to live in symbiosis and in perfect autonomy. Poetry, smells and sounds cross each other silently, they simply whisper to the one who will find his place, who will stretch his ear to marry each corner.