Bode Projects


Bode Projects is a Berlin-based contemporary gallery that collaborates with an international and diverse range of contemporary artists working across different media and disciplines. By engaging with their practice in new and unique ways, the artists we work with explore and challenge traditional notions of representation through concept, medium, and aesthetics. Bode Projects also collaborates with partners, curators and institutions while running an artist-in-residence program in Berlin. For VEZA 2.0, Bode Projects presents the work of Cuban contemporary artist Luis Enrique. This body of work contemplates death and the cemetery, but not from a morbid perspective. Luis Enrique's questions give weight to the concept of ‚Äč‚Äčemptiness. It is from this point of view that he looks at death, color, space, and emptiness.

Reinbeckstr. 29,
Berlin, Germany, 12459

Phone: +49 151 15880679