El Apartamento


El Apartamento project is gathered around the landscape genre. On this occasion, the genre is understood openly, hence it is presented in traditional formats, mediums, and concepts, as well as from more avant-garde perspectives. The landscape finds its wealth in variety and also in the artists' ability to hack the art tradition. In the case of Eduardo Ponjuán (Pinar del Río, 1956) the landscape presents a more classic aesthetic, however, the way the artist plays with graphic design and advertising stereotypes makes his pieces very playful and fresh. Reynier Leyva Novo (La Habana, 1983), on the other hand, uses original photographs taken to relevant presidents and politiques in natural places. Novo intervenes these images and erases the main character from them, in such a way that the new composition is an empty landscape and an unreal document. Finally, Diana Fonseca (La Habana, 1978) incorporates the city in her pieces in a factual dimension. Diana uses fragments of Havana’s façade painting for composing artworks that are memory receptacles of the city where she lives and works. For her, this is a sort of archeological process that ends up becoming an abstract landscape.

Calle H Esquina 15, #313, apto 3,
Havana, Cuba, 10400

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