For South South OVR, Empty Gallery presents a solo presentation of early films by Yokahama-based artist Rei Hayama. Working between text, sound, and moving-image, Hayama crafts profoundly beautiful short films whose obliquely mythopoetic narratives explore what might best be termed “ecological anomie”. Hayama’s films expand our field of vision to encompass alternate modes of living and seeing, especially in relation to non-human species. This online presentation explores the thematic and formal concerns underpinning her practice over the past decade: humanity’s relationship with the natural world, the mutability and instability of vision, and the anthropocentric legacy of structuralist-materialist cinema. Spanning 2009 through 2015, these are the visions of a filmmaker solidifying her commitment to “a humble cinema’” that articulates a non-human gaze to uncover the strangeness of being human.

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