Galería Agustina Ferreyra

San Juan


For the first edition of South South, we are presenting a selection of recent work by some of the Latin American artists from our program including, Dalton Gata, Ad Minoliti, Ramiro Chaves, Cristina Tufiño, Leonel Salguero and Ulrik López.

713 Calle Estado,
San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00907

Phone: +17873616046
Email: agustina@agustinaferreyra

Ramiro Chaves
Ojo de Agua, 2020 +INFO
Cristina Tufiño
Cave Sienna Mini Bag, 2021 +INFO
Ramiro Chaves
Abrazo, 2021 +INFO
Cristina Tufiño
Cave Grey Mini Bag, 2021 +INFO
Dalton Gata
Un Cactus para Emilio, 2020 +INFO
Dalton Gata
Mujer, 2020 +INFO
Ulrik López
,( o(, 2019 +INFO
Dalton Gata
Florero, 2020 +INFO
Leonel Salguero
Untitled (Pigeon II), 2020 +INFO
Leonel Salguero
Untitled (Pigeon I), 2020 +INFO

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