Visual artist and researcher Mónica de Miranda looks at history through a female, Angolan and liberation lens, proposing two series that share her visions for new futures, places to recreate outside of the bondages of the past. In Paths to the Stars, inspired by an Agostinho Neto poem that uses space as a metaphor for freedom, Mónica brings together a double retelling of the Angolan liberation struggle by juxtaposing different layers of history, past and present, with the future being the artworks themselves, as new records for the times to come. In that process, she embroiders the unacknowledged contribution of female liberation fighters into the fabric of the dominant heroic male narrative, as told by archive photographs of Amílcar Cabral’s PAIGC, now etched and mended by female presence. In All That Burns, she pursues the duality of belonging, of place, of time, of presence and of culture inherent to the process of establishing connections between the past and the present, in a bodily diasporic dialogue that inevitably links Africa to Europe, union to separation, within systems of affection, in a theater of re-enactments that continuously rewrite and redesign the past so that the future of these relations can lead to new places.

Rua Cónego Manuel das Neves 87, Ingombota
Luanda, Angola,

Website: jahmekart.com
Phone: +244923505077
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