Ruth Benzacar Galería de Arte

Buenos Aires

Proud of plurality and aware of the impossibility of a panorama, this selection made specially for SOUTH/SOUTH intends to act as an introductory presentation both of some of our gallery artists and of the Argentine contemporary art scene. A wide range of media, materials and conceptual research is unavoidable when trying to stage a comprehensive overview of our contemporary production but at the same time it describes perfectly the vast amount of visual languages that make up our programme. Here, nostalgia is what brings these works together. Whether nostalgia for the future in the case of Villar Rojas and his thoughts on our remains to come, for the impossible as in the ficticious animals that Telleria gives birth to, for becoming another by leaving behing what we where, like it happens in the works of Da Rin. Nostalgia present in the tribal nature of Catalina León´s painted offerings and in Saraceno´s yearning to bring toghether ourselves with the cosmos.

Juan Ramírez de Velasco 1287,
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1414

Phone: +5411 4857 3322