Curated by Paula Nascimento and Suzana Sousa, independent curators, Luanda

A special OVR, presented by independent Angola-based curators Paula Nascimento and Suzana Sousa, formed part of the launch of SOUTH SOUTH VEZA. This online exhibition was titled Kiximbi, an expression in kimbundu that refers to water spirits, here used to evoke both the power of the waters and of the ancestrals who lost their life in the sea. “Kimbundu is a bantu language spoken in Angola,” the curators explained, “and by using it we embrace language as culture, as a part of culture that still lives today and through history has spread its elements in the diaspora similar to other culture elements such as music, dance or religion.”

Paula Nascimento is an architect and independent curator based in Luanda, with degrees in Architecture, from the AA School of Architecture and the London South Bank University. Suzana Sousa is an Independent curator, writer and researcher. She studied Advanced studies in Anthropology at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa and has a Masters in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Download the pdf on Kiximbi here.