Gabriel Rico
To compound the small differences III & IV (díptico), 2022
Beads on wooden board coated with epoxic resin
100 x 200 x 6 cm

“I use several photographs of deep space, taken by the Hubble telescope in 2004, as a basis for the creation of these tableaus in which I suppose new configurations by dividing it into quarters and mixing them together to suppose new universes through the game of recomposition, changing the order of the quadrants. The digitization of this image is supposed to be the ultimate mecca of consciousness on the analogy achieved by the Greek atomist school. Specifically it was Democritus who supposed the configuration of reality by very small blocks called atoms, to which I refer metaphorically with the use of small glass spheres with which Manolo Castro Montoya “Muwieritemay” – the master artisan who produces these works – creates new universal compositions through his own interpretation of the photograph; in this way, Manolo becomes the creator of new universes, possible only by our inability to confirm whether they can be or not.” – Gabriel Rico