Galeria Luciana Brito

São Paulo

Éder Santos is one of the most representative artists of video art in Brazil. Active since the 1980s, his pioneering approach has always considered the importance of the technological media, recognizing them as vital tools of global communication. Here we feature a set of eight works that represent the essence of Eder Santos’s work, each in its own way, providing a true sensorial experience for the spectator, with long takes that look more like paintings with an audio track, coupled with technical special effects such as distortions of colors and sounds, superimpositions, noises and interferences.

The conducting thread of the curatorship is based on the artist’s most recent film, Ouragualamalma (2020), in which he takes a critical look at the politics of the current exploitation of natural and human resources, using a chaotic language to recall the extermination of the ancient civilizations, ancestral Latin-American cultures. This work sets the tone for the narrative composed by Tumitinhas (1998), which deals with contradictory feelings of love, inspired by a traditional children’s song, Cinema (2009), which recovers the poetry of things and of time, and Pilgrimage (2010), a film about the path taken by iron ore, spanning from its mining to its transoceanic shipping for importation to other countries. The gallery is also presenting photographs from the Barravento Novo series (2018) and the video installation São Sebastião, from the series Todos os Santos (2016), where the artist evokes the Catholic saints to approach the theme of discrimination.

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